Arabic Honor Society

The Arabic Honor Society (AHS) is an extracurricular program that supports student learning in fun, meaningful ways.

Each AHS club is fully autonomous and organized locally, so teachers can adapt their club’s activities to best suit their students’ needs.


For teachers

Having an Arabic Honor Society Club at your school offers your students a way to expand their classroom learning through activities and leadership experience. AHS clubs have engaged in Arab culture nights, concerts, service-oriented volunteer opportunities, and more. AHS clubs also provide a way for your students to strengthen their university applications by allowing students to gain leadership and community outreach experience using their Arabic language and intercultural skills. If your school doesn’t have an AHS club and you’d like to start one, we can help.


For students

Joining the AHS is a wonderful way to build your leadership skills, expand your knowledge of Arabic language and culture, and strengthen your university application – especially if you plan on continuing your Arabic studies. Talk to your Arabic teacher to join your school’s club.

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