QFI supports the entire Arabic learning ecosystem

We work with teachers, schools, administrators, and universities to help make the teaching and learning of Arabic as accessible and professional as other world languages. This is how we contribute:


How QFI fills the Arabic education gap

Arabic is a common offering at universities. But the lack of language policy frameworks, resources, and teacher development prospects makes Arabic education a rarity at the K-12 levels—and this is the period most critical for language acquisition.

QFI works with schools, administrators, and policymakers to fill these critical gaps and make Arabic instruction as professional and accessible as other world languages. At the end of the day, the goal is for students to become more informed, productive, and compassionate citizens of a globalized world.


Where we work

QFI has operational headquarters in Washington, DC, and partners in the Americas and Europe.


Our team

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with international experience in the field of education.

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Join our team and discover how you can make an impact.


Media Kit

Downloadable assets and brand materials for journalists and media representatives.


  • Can you help me start an Arabic program in my district?

    When starting an Arabic language program in your district/school, there are many factors to consider such as teacher certification, student assessment, community support and sustainability. To discuss your needs and identify the best way we can help you meet them, please contact us with more details about your vision, and let’s start a conversation.

  • How does QFI help Arabic teachers?

    QFI provides access to classroom resources, professional development opportunities, connection to a global network of Arabic teachers, and more.

  • How do I apply for a grant?

    To apply for a QFI grant or professional development program, please create a user account in our grant portal. After creating your login credentials, please complete your user profile and then take our eligibility quiz to determine which programs you may qualify for. The applications themselves vary from grant to grant. Some require writing a "personal statement" while others require a simple application form or scans of relevant documentation.

    Visit the grant portal to get started.

    Note: applying for a grant does not guarantee funding.

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