Discover a world of opportunities through Arabic. Learning Arabic is a great way to improve your future prospects and become an informed, compassionate global citizen.

Why should I study Arabic?

Boost your chances of landing a job in international business and diplomacy

Develop your intercultural communication skills

Raise the ceiling on your future salary

Improve your cognitive skills, concentration, and memory

Confidently travel to 23+ countries where Arabic is an official language

Speaking Arabic is unique and cool!


Where to learn Arabic

Find university studies, summer programs, and out-of-school extracurriculars in your area.


First-Year University Awards

Are you a high-achieving high school senior planning on continuing your Arabic studies at university? For qualified candidates, QFI may assist with a portion of your first-year university tuition.


Arabic Summer Scholar Awards

Qualified secondary school students may apply for tuition support for a summer Arabic language program. Programs can be in-person, online, domestic, or abroad.


Arabic Honor Society Clubs

When you join your school’s AHS club, you unlock fun ways to deepen your engagement with the language, make friends, and strengthen your university application. To join your local AHS club, talk to your Arabic teacher.