Introducing #TeachLearnSpeakArabic

Apr 29, 2024

Say hello to #TeachLearnSpeakArabic! We are thrilled to unveil our updated brand identity, new tagline, and website.

From fresh new logos representing a call to action to updated colors on our primary logo and visuals, we've given our brand a modern makeover that reflects our commitment to the value of Arabic as a global language.

Teach, Learn, Speak Arabic is a call to action.

As QFI advances in its second decade, our overall mission and vision have perhaps never been as essential to holistically meet learners and educators’ needs for Arabic language education at the primary and secondary level.

Our new brand identity, tagline, and website reconfirm our commitment to the value of teaching and learning Arabic as a global language. Teach, Learn, Speak Arabic is a call to action; we work to create, maintain, and support the ecosystem at the primary and secondary level required to advance the value of Arabic as a global language, for both heritage and non-native speakers alike. We invite you to join us in this work.

Our new colors, teal for ‘Teach,’ yellow for ‘Learn’ and red for ‘Speak’ (with a stylized Q logo representing each call to action) serve as a visual representation of our tagline, making these facets of our work immediately recognizable. Keep an eye out for the ways these color-coded themes play out moving forward!

Our new-and-improved website features simple navigation, vibrant and accessible design, and updated information about QFI with the opportunities, resources, and research we offer to help you #TeachLearnSpeakArabic. We know this new website will be a valuable asset.

The QFI Journey:

In our original logo, the stylized “Q” was designed to reflect the astrolabe, an astronomical tool with historic and cultural significance in the Arab world. Our updated logos maintain this integral connection to our past, while reflecting our evolution and repositioning as a well-established organization dedicated to supporting the value of Arabic as a global language.

Thank you for those of you who have supported and worked with us since the very beginning. You have seen the whole visual identity progression! From our first logo to the current ones, we strive to support you and deeply appreciate your work in the field of Arabic language education. And to those of you who are meeting us for the first time, we look forward to collaborating.

Thank you for joining us in embracing the new era of Arabic language education with QFI. Explore the changes and let us know what you think!

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