The International Conference on Arabic Language and Linguistics

Dec 16, 2023 - Dec 18, 2023

Cairo, Egypt

Teaching and learning Arabic from K-16: Adjusting to new realities

The Departments of Applied Linguistics and Arabic Language Instruction would like to announce the 7th International TAFL conference in partnership with QFI. This year’s conference will build upon the success of AUC’s previous biennial international conferences on Arabic language and linguistics.

This conference, held in celebration of the Arabic language on its international day, will bring together researchers, educators, scholars, instructors, practitioners, and graduate students from around the world to discuss issues pertaining to research, pedagogy and practices of teaching Arabic to native and non-native speakers in primary and secondary schools or higher education. Theoretical and applied linguists, educators, administrators, teacher trainers, curricula, and material developers are welcome to participate.

The conference will be a platform for sharing research, experiences, insights, teaching tips, and more.

New to AUC conferences is the focus on primary and secondary schools, the focus of QFI’s work and expertise. QFI addresses a critical, global gap in Arabic language learning at the primary and secondary levels. This approach, unique among leading international language entities, ensures more inclusive and equitable access to the Arabic language and Culture by those with the most significant unmet need. This approach also offers learners the opportunity to accrue the large number of hours needed to acquire proficiency.

This conference is a unique opportunity to come together as a holistic community focusing on furthering the teaching and learning of Arabic. Highlighting topics that cover the teaching of Arabic in primary and secondary schools and those that impact the university sector offers a fresh perspective on teaching Arabic as a global language.

The conference will address various vital issues about teaching Arabic as a global language at all levels, such as pedagogy, assessment, and sociolinguistics, to name a few.

Conference Language: English and Arabic

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