For Teachers

Our aim is to provide support to primary and secondary teachers of Arabic as well as teachers of social studies, math, science, and the arts to explore the Arab world as part of their curriculum. We offer online and in-person professional development opportunities; peer networking; and access to high-quality resources for you and your students. We also foster a community of educators where you can share your knowledge and experiences to build a deeper understanding of the Arab world and its language, history, cultures, and peoples.

  • Opportunities

    We support teachers through a variety of programs and grants focused on professional and curriculum development. This includes access to engaging, high-quality resources for both teachers and students—from books to in-class virtual exchanges. These opportunities provide new learning opportunities, teaching strategies and materials, and ways for you to collaborate with a community of your peers.

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  • Resources

    We know that teachers are overstretched and that finding quality resources that are engaging, and also aligned or easily aligned with established learning standards, is a challenge. At QFI, we’ve worked with teachers and education experts to create and share classroom-ready lesson plans, activities, and interactive tools for teaching about the Arabic language and the history and culture of the Arab world. We offer resources in English, German, and Arabic.

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Allow me to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you particularly and to all QFI personnel that I have interacted with over the last three years. Knowing you, QFI family, has empowered me as an Arabic educator here in the U.S.. Even when I went to present QFI in London, I surprisingly felt so lucky and special compared to other Arabic educators there. QFI’s supported and guided me, offered me the best opportunities and kept me abreast of all the latest language teaching resources and innovations.

Fatima Abdulkazem, Safford K-8 Magnet School, Tucson, AZ