How to Become a Member

Am I eligible for membership?

In order to qualify for membership in an AHS chapter, students must meet the following qualifications outlined below:

  • Students must have completed at least 1.5 years of high school/secondary school level Arabic study*
  • Students must have a demonstrated average GPA of 3.5, 90%, or its equivalent in their Arabic language subject**
  • Students must have a current GPA of 3.0, 85%, or its equivalent across all other subjects**
  • Students must maintain these grade averages each semester to maintain membership.
  • Students must be at the secondary/high school level when they apply. Specific requirements are listed by country where the student is located

*Both native and non-native Arabic speakers are eligible for membership. Secondary level Arabic study may be completed at the primary level if courses taken are rigorous and offer secondary level credits. Please reach out to QFI staff with questions about which courses can count towards this requirement.

**Teacher recommendation required when GPA not applicable

How do I apply for membership?

If you are interested in joining the Arabic Honor Society, follow the steps outlined below to apply!

  • Click on Student: BECOME A MEMBER to begin completing your application.
  • Select your local chapter or join the ‘At-Large Chapter’.
  • After completing your application, click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the chapter lead.

I’m an Arabic teacher. How do I start a chapter at my school?

Chapters are primarily intended for established high school Arabic programs with at least two years of coursework offered. Chapters may also be founded to represent institutions such as summer camps or study abroad programs, though still must meet the basic requirements for a chapter and operate differently than school-based chapters.

  • Institute must offer a minimum of two years’ worth of Arabic coursework, commensurate with the rigor of a typical secondary level language program


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