What is the Arabic Honor Society?

Qatar Foundation International enhances the experience of students studying Arabic and celebrates their achievements through its Arabic Honor Society (AHS) program. QFI fosters student engagement in Arabic study at the secondary level, as well as supporting students who aim to continue their language study. We accomplish this by:

  • Offering exclusive awards to fund participation in summer study, study abroad and higher education tuition
  • Providing grants for chapters to host events and engagement activities
  • Providing information about higher education/post-secondary institutions and opportunities for students to continue their Arabic studies
  • Sharing external scholarships and grant opportunities for Arabic students to be aware of at the secondary level and beyond
  • Organizing yearly contests and events to connect and engage students across chapters

While QFI manages chapters internationally and coordinates cross-chapter engagement, individual chapters are organized locally and operate autonomously. Chapters are encouraged to shape and adapt their activities to suit their communities, with student voices at the forefront. AHS chapter leads are given guidance on how to organize events and drive student leadership and participation. Through these activities, AHS provides students with opportunities to engage their community in fun and meaningful ways.

AHS chapters can be founded by Arabic teachers, school administrators, or community members, though community members still need the endorsement of their local school-based Arabic program.

QFI launched the Arabic Honor Society in 2017 in response to the noticeable lack of opportunities offered to students studying Arabic relative to other world language programs.

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